Wesley Jay



Wesley is known as a very energetic Worship Leader. From his high Praise

And strong belief on the power of Praise, to his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

His deep longing to draw closer to the heart of God Has given him the opportunity to Lead Worship

for events starring Bands such as Bleach, Seventhday Slumber, Eleventy Seven, Run kid Run and more.

But his heart Goes way beyond special events with big bands. Wesley Longs to Worship and touch

Into the heavens and hopefully to bring people right along side him.


The heartbeat of this Worship ministry came out of my song "I Belong To You."

We want to speak to all those that have felt rejected, unaccepted, and misplaced,

Which has been all of us at one time or another. All of our merch is in no way intended

for income or for self gratification. It's priced and purpose is to just be replenished

so that we can continue. We want people to be set free and healed from feeling misplaced

and we offer shirts, wristbands, and cd's, that will be available, so that people can

make a statement that they do belong. They belong to God. 

Wesley, his wife Jessica and 1 year old daughter have started a Traveling Ministry Called Vividly Awaken Ministries.

Focusing on inner healing and Leading people into a new level of Worship. We're tired of spending

our lives being so self consumed that we miss the needs around us. Let's start living our lives for others rather then our own needs.

We're called to be the church.



I'm from Augusta, GA which some of you Golf fans might know it as the Home of the MASTERS!! I've been a lead Worshiper now for 14 years. There in Augusta and in Battle Creek, MI. My wife and I have just recently moved to the Macon, GA area. I’ve written many types of songs just trying to figure things out, what kind of song to write, what about, from country to rock but nothing has ever been so amazing then when I responded to Gods calling on my life and to be given songs that are a breath from heaven. Nothing could ever make me feel unsatisfied to do what God's created me to do. For God to choose someone as unclean as me to use me to bring people into the throne room of God, to try to have just a glimpse of his presence, to touch into the super natural, oh God, what an Honor it is. My heart is for the broken hearted and those that just hunger and thirst for more. I believe God wants to see His children enter into a place without fear and with freedom in their hearts. He wants to bring people deeper and deeper. God wants us to seek His face not for just biblical reasons, but He loves your presence like we love His. He just wants you to love on Him like we like Him to love on us. So, honor God but not just spending time in His presence, but let Him spend time in yours

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